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Teresa M. Gunn, PhD

Associate Professor

teresa gunn

Laboratory Members

Postdoctoral Fellows
None at this time

Research Assistants
Derek Silvius



McGill University, BS, 1990, Biology

University of British Columbia, PhD, 1996, Genetics



1995-2001 Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr. Gregory Barsh, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

2001-2009 Assistant Professor. Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cornell University (Robert Hovey Udall Assistant Professor) Ithaca, NY

2009-present Associate Professor. McLaughlin Research Institute, Great Falls, MT


Major Areas of Research

The genetic and molecular basis of neurodegeneration, neuropathies and pigmentation.

gray tremor mouse neurodegeneration in gray

Gray tremor mouse

Neurodegeneration in gray termor mouse

Neurodegeneration in gray tremor mouse

Current Publications

Besio R, Maruelli S, Gioia R, Villa, I, Grabowski, P, Gallagher, O, Bishop, NJ, Foster, S, De Lorenzi, E, Colombo, R, Diaz, JL, Moore-Barton, H, Deshpande, C, Aydin, HI, Tokatli, A, Kwiek, B, Kasapkara, CS, Adisen, EO, Gurer, MA, Di Rocco, M, Phang, JM, Gunn, TM, Tenni, R, Rossi, A and Forlino, A. Lack of prolidase causes a bone phenotype both in human and in mouse. Bone. 2015, 72: 53-64.

Gunn, TM and Canine, B. Application of Mouse Genetics to Human Disease: Generation and Analysis of Mouse Models. In Roger Rosenberg and Juan Pascal (eds.), Rosenberg’s Molecular and Genetic Basis of Neurological and Psychiatric Disease. Chapter 5, Fifth Edition. Waltham, MA: Academic Press, 2014.

Gunn, TM and Carlson, GA. RML prions act through Mahogunin and Attractin-independent pathways. Prion. 2013, 7(4): 267-71. PMID: 23787699

Silvius, D, Pitstick, R, Ahn, M, Meishery, D, Oehler, A, Barsh, GS, DeArmond, SJ, Carlson, GA, Gunn, TM. Levels of the Mahogunin Ring Finger 1 E3 ubiquitin ligase do not influence prion disease. PLOS-One. 2013, 8(1): e55575. PMID: 23383230

Gunn, TM, Silvius, D, Bagher, P, Sun, K, Walker, KK (2013) MGRN1-dependent pigment-type switching requires its ubiquitination activity but not its interaction with TSG101 or NEDD4. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. 2013 26(2): 263-68. PMID: 23253940

Jesty, SA, Jung, SW, Cordeiro, JM, Gunn, TM, Di Diego, JM, Hemsley, S, Kornreich, BG, Hooker, G, Antzelevitch, C, Moïse, N (2013) Cardiomyocyte calcium cycling in a naturally occurring German shepherd dog model of inherited ventricular arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death. J Vet Cardiol. PMID: 23434243

Musser, MA, Munger, SC and Gunn, TM (2013) Meeting report of the 26th International Mammalian Genome Conference. Mamm Genome 24(5-6): 179-89. PMID: 23673682

Cruickshank, J, Quaas, RL, Li, J, Gunn, TM, Moïse, NS (2009) Quantitative genetics of ventricular arrhythmias afflicting young German shepherd dogs. J Vet Intern Med., 23(2):264-270. PMID: 19210315

Zhang, Z, Alpert, D, Francis, R, Chatterjee, B, Yu, Q, Tansey, T, Sabol, S, Cui, C, Bai, Y, Koriabine, M, Yoshinaga, Y, Cheng, J-F, Martin, J, Schackwitz, W, Fujiwara, Y, Orkin, S, Gunn, TM, Kramer, K, DeJong, PJ, Pennacchio, LA, Lo, CW (2009) Massively parallel sequencing identifies the novel gene Megf8 with ENU induced mutation causing heterotaxy. Proc Nat Acad Sci., 106(9):3219-3224. PMID: 19218456

Jiao, J, Kim, HY, Liu, RR, Hogan, CA, Sun, K, Tam, LM and Gunn, TM (2009) Transgenic analysis of the physiological functions of Mahogunin Ring Finger-1 isoforms. Genesis, 47:524-534. PMID: 19422019.

Jiao, J*, Sun, K*, Walker, WP, Bagher, P, Cota, CD and Gunn, TM (2009) Abnormal regulation of TSG101 in mice with spongiform neurodegeneration. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1792(10):1027-35. PMID: 19703557.

Walker, WP and Gunn, TM (2010) Piecing together the pigment-type switching puzzle. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res., 23(1):4-6. PMID: 20042018

Walker, WP and Gunn, TM (2010) Shades of meaning: the pigment-type switching system as a tool for discovery. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res., 23(4):485-495.Gunn, TM (2011) Profile: Greg Barsh. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res 24(2):377.

Jung, SW, Silvius, D, Nolan, KA, Borchert, GL, Millet, YH, Phang, JM and Gunn, TM (2011) Developmental cardiac hypertrophy in a mouse model of prolidase deficiency. Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol., 91(4):204-17. PMID: 21472842

Friedenberg, SG, Zhu, L, Zhang, Z, Foels, WB, Schweitzer, PA, Wang, W, Fisher, PJ, Dykes, NL, Corey, E, Vernier-Singer, M, Jung, SW, Sheng, X, Hunter, LS, McDonough, SP, Lust, G, Bliss, SP, Krotscheck, U, Gunn, TM and Todhunter, RJ (2011) A Fibrillin-2 haplotype associated with canine hip dysplasia and incipient osteoarthritis. Am J Vet Res 72(4):530-40. PMID: 21453155

Brisban, A, Cruickshank, J, Moïse, NS, Gunn, T, Milano, A, Bustamante, CD and Mezey, JG (2011) Fast, Exact Linkage Analysis for Categorical Traits on Arbitrary Pedigree Designs. Genet Epidemiol, 35(5):371-80. PMID: 21520271

Gunn, TM (2012) Functional annotation and ENU. BMC Res Notes, 5(1):580. PMID: 23095518


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