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Ways to Give Your Support

McLaughlin Research Institute’s scientists and staff are dedicated to biomedical research focused on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

In order to continue this important work and further expand our research, we rely on private contributions. Gifts can be made to support research, operations, endowment, and special projects. Please consider MRI when making charitable donations, memorial, or honorary contributions in tribute to friends and colleagues. These gifts will help us continue our proud tradition of improving human health through innovative genetic research and education.


Donors are urged to consult their own tax and financial advisors before making gift commitments. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.


Annual Giving 

Unrestricted gifts provide flexibility and support for the Institute’s current operating budget. MRI relies on these gifts to bridge the gap between research grant revenue and the core research and support costs of operating an independent research facility.

Cash: Gifts of cash are the most common form of support. Checks should be made payable to McLaughlin Research Institute and sent directly to:

McLaughlin Research Institute
Attn: Development Department
1520 23rd Street South
Great Falls, MT 59405
Credit Cards: Please click the “Donate Now” button under “Support MRI.” McLaughlin Research Institute uses SafeSave services to process credit card transactions. Using this service helps us keep our administrative costs low while integrating with our donor database, allowing more time and money to be spent on our research programs.

Securities/Stock Gifts: Increasingly, donors are making gifts of appreciated securities. The full market value can be deducted for appreciated securities held longer than one year, and no capital gains tax is paid. For easy instructions, please call Candace Beery, Finance Officer, at (406) 452-6208.

Memorial and Honor Gifts: You can make a special tribute to a loved one by making a gift in memory or in honor of them. A special card notifying the family of your thoughtfulness will be mailed. (We do not publicize the amount of the gift.)

Pledges: You may make a pledge by contacting the Development Department at (406) 452-6208. Pledges are payable by June 30th. For larger gifts, stretching the payments over multiple years can increase the size of the gift and extend its tax advantages.

Corporate Matching Gifts: Employees and their families can double their donation to MRI if their corporations offer a matching gift program. Contact your Human Resources office to get a matching gift form. Please complete it and mail it along with your gift to the Institute.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts are a way of giving that allows donors to maintain access to income during their lifetime, provide estate and tax planning tools, and build permanent wealth for nonprofit organizations. Please contact Candace Beery, Finance Officer, at (406) 452-6208 for further information.

Bequests: Bequests are the most common planned gifts. Including a gift in a new will, adding a codicil to an existing will, or including MRI in your revocable trust are all considered bequests.

Charitable Remainder Trust: By placing assets in a charitable trust, you or your designated beneficiary can enjoy lifetime income from the trust and tax benefits at the same time. Upon termination of the trust, the principle is retained by MRI.

Charitable Gift Annuity: In exchange for a gift of cash, marketable securities, or in some cases, real estate, MRI will contractually guarantee to pay you and/or your beneficiary a specified annuity. The annuity can be immediate or deferred and can provide substantial income and estate tax benefits.

Charitable Lead Trust: A charitable lead trust provides for a gift of income interest to MRI from assets placed in the trust for a specified term. Upon termination of the trust, the property reverts to you or to a non-charitable beneficiary you designate.

Real Estate: Real estate, which can be used for either an outright or a planned gift, offers favorable tax benefits as well. Real estate gifts are reviewed by a committee of the Board of Directors.

Retained Life Estate: While giving your home, farm, or ranch to MRI, you may continue to live in the residence throughout your lifetime or for an agreed-upon term.

Life Insurance: Donating a paid-up policy qualifies as a charitable tax deduction equal to the “replacement” value or the cost basis, whichever is less. Donating an ongoing policy qualifies as a tax deduction at its present value, and the perpetual premium payments are also tax deductible.

Endowment Gifts

Nonprofit organizations must build a reserve of financial support to keep their programs intact during difficult economic conditions. Investment income from an endowment can assist in providing operating support for programs to continue, shortfalls to be subsidized, building and equipment maintenance to proceed, employee compensation to continue, certain emergencies to be funded, and most importantly, to help the organization survive. Organizations with permanently restricted funds find it easier to weather challenging economic times than those without.

Montana Charitable Endowment Tax Credit: This opportunity offers Montana residents a credit of 40 percent of a qualifying planned gift’s federal charitable deduction, up to a maximum of $10,000 per year, per individual. It also allows a credit of 20 percent of a gift’s federal charitable deduction for a direct gift by a qualified business up to a maximum of $10,000 per year. This law is set to expire on December 31, 2019.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call!

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