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Science Teacher Program

Teachers who apply for and are awarded grants from various foundations may apply for a single summer internship program at the Institute. Teachers will use their awarded grant money for research time and support. Successful applicants will spend 9 weeks in the laboratory of one of the Institute’s faculty actively engaged in research. In addition to providing hands-on experience in investigational science, participating teachers will observe and interact with high school and college students in a laboratory-learning environment rather than a traditional classroom. Scientific-related workshops, journal clubs, and seminars supplement the research experience.

An additional goal for the teachers, once school begins in the fall, is to identify strong science students in their freshman or sophomore year with the potential to become good teachers and guide them in their course choices. This opportunity is open to high school or middle school science/math teachers. The teachers have the opportunity to continue their interaction with Institute faculty and staff throughout the academic year.

As an added incentive, teachers may be able to earn continuing education credits and/or experience toward an advanced degree.

For application and deadline information please visit the website by clicking on Partners in Science Program.




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