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Jill O’Moore ~ Senior Research Assistant, Assistant to the Director
Email Jill O’Moore

Andrea Grindeland, DVM ~ Research Associate
Email Andrea Grindeland

Rose Pitstick ~ Senior Research Assistant
Email Rose Pitstick

Derek Silvius ~ Research Assistant
Email Derek Silvius

Janet Peters, LATG ~ Research Technician
Email Janet Peters

Joe Amato, LAT ~ Maintenance Supervisor
Email Joe Amato

Meganne Casey ~ Purchasing, Research Technician
Email Meganne Casey

Leroy Bishop ~ Maintenance Supervisor
Email Leroy Bishop

Maria Knapek, CFO, CDO
Email Maria Knapek

Meganne Casey ~ Grants and Billing Specialist
Email Meganne Casey

Mildred Marinaccio ~ Purchasing, Accounts Payable Specialist
Email Mildred Marinaccio

Paula Rilling ~ ARC Technician

Vince Semanko ~ ARC Technician

Katie Evans ~ ARC technician

Kaela Davey ~ ARC Technician

Renee Wanke ~ Research Assistant

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