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MRI’s research program is guided by leaders in the scientific world who make up our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). In addition to advising the Director and Board on scientific matters on a regular basis, this active group meets annually at McLaughlin to evaluate research progress and to present their own research at a workshop.

Irving Weissman Longtime SAC Chair Irving Weissman got his start at MRI as a high school intern. He is one of the world’s leading stem cell biologists and Director of Stanford University’s Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Weissman was the first to identify and isolate the stem cell in any species.
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David Baltimore David Baltimore was awarded the Nobel Prize at age 37 for his work in virology. He has had a profound influence on national science policy regarding such issues as recombinant DNA research and combating the HIV epidemic.
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David Cameron David Cameron chaired the Zoology & Entomology Department at Montana State University for 30 years while conducting research in his lab and on his family’s ranch. Retired from academia, Dr. Cameron continues to run the Dana Ranch and to serve as a natural liaison between the scientific and lay communities.
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Neal Copeland and Nancy Jenkins are among the world’s top cancer geneticists. The two have been called “the founders of modern mouse genetics,” and more recently they have developed a powerful technology for discovering cancer genes.
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Jeffrey Frelinger Jeffrey Frelinger is president of the American Association of Immunology. His work in immunobiology is important to understanding the mechanisms for infectious diseases. Most recently, Dr. Frelinger has engineered a new technology for the study of Type 1 diabetes.
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Leroy Hood Leroy Hood’s visionary work helped make possible the Human Genome Project and continues to transform science and medicine with the development of systems biology, which he has pioneered, and P4 medicine (predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory). His latest major prize was the 2011 Russ Prize.
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