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Deborah E. Cabin, PhD

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Deborah Cabin

Laboratory Members

Postdoctoral Fellow
Dan Zou



Johns Hopkins University, BA, Biology, 1978

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, PhD, Physiology, 1996 



1996–1998 Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr. Roger H. Reeves, Department of Physiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

1998–2006 Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr. Robert L. Nussbaum, Genetic Disease Research Branch, National Human Genome Research Institute, Bethesda, MD

2006-present Assistant Professor. McLaughlin Research Institute, Great Falls, MT

2006-present Member, Center for Structural and Functional Neuroscience, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

2008-present Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT


Research Interests

Research in my lab centers on the protein alpha-synuclein and its role in Parkinson’s disease. Mutations in alpha-synuclein cause a rare familial form of Parkinson’s disease, but the protein is also implicated in the more common sporadic Parkinson’s. We are interested in 1) the mechanism by which alpha-synuclein causes disease more, 2) alpha-synuclein’s normal functions in neurons more, and 3) using human alpha-synuclein to develop a progressive mouse model of Parkinson’s disease. more


Selected Publications

Cabin, D.E. and G. Carlson, 2008. Gene Mapping to Gene Targeting: Application of Mouse Genetics to Human Disease, in The Molecular and Genetic Basis of Neurological and Psychiatric Disease, ed. R.N. Rosenburg et al., Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA.

Cabin, D.E., S. Gispert-Sanchez, D. Murphy, G. Auburger, R.R. Myers, R.L. Nussbaum, 2005. Exacerbated synucleinopathy in mice expressing A53T SNCA on a Snca null background.  Neurobiol. of Aging 26(1):25-35.

Cabin D.E.*, Shimazu K.*, Murphy D., Cole N.B., Gottschalk W., McIlwain K.L,. Orrison B., Chen A., Ellis C.E., Paylor R., Lu B. Nussbaum R.L., 2002.  Synaptic vesicle depletion correlates with attenuated synaptic responses to prolonged repetitive stimulation in mice lacking alpha-synuclein. J Neurosci. 22(20):8797-807. *These authors contributed equally.

Pletcher, M., T. Wiltshire, D.E. Cabin, M. Villanueva, and R.H. Reeves.  2001. Use of Comparative Physical and Sequence Mapping to Annotate Mouse Chromosome 16 and Human Chromosome 21.  Genomics 74: 45-54.

Touchman, J.W., A. Dehejia, O. Chiba-Falek, D.E. Cabin, B.M. Orrison, M.H. Polymeropolous, and R.L. Nussbaum.  2001. Human and Mouse Alpha-Synuclein Genes:  Comparative Genomic Sequence Analysis and Identification of a Novel Gene Regulatory Element. Genome Research 11: 78-86.

Cabin, D.E., J. W. McKee-Johnson, L. Matesic, T. Wiltshire, E. Rue, A.E. Mjaatvedt, Y.K. Huo, J.R. Korenberg, and R.H. Reeves. 1998. Physical and comparative mapping of distal mouse chromosome 16. Genome Research 8: 940-950.

Murakami, Y., T. Nobukuni, K. Tamura, T. Maruyama, T. Sekiya, Y. Arai, H. Gomyou, M. Ohki, D. Cabin, P. Frischmeyer, P. Hunt, and R.H. Reeves.1998. Localization of Tumor Suppressor Activity Important in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma on Chromosome 11q. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 95: 8153-8158. Reeves, R.H., E. Rue, M.P. Citron, and D.E. Cabin. 1997. High Resolution Recombinational Map of Mouse Chromosome 16. Genomics 43: 202-208.

Cabin, D.E., K. Gardiner, and R.H. Reeves. 1996. Molecular Genetic Characterization and Comparative Mapping of the Human PCP4 Gene. Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics 22: 167-175.

Mjaatvedt, A.E.*, D.E. Cabin*, S.E. Cole, L.J. Long, G. Breitwieser and R.H. Reeves. 1995. Assessment of a mutation in the H5 domain of Girk2 as a candidate for the weaver mutation. Genome Research 5: 453-463.

*These authors contributed equally

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